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The experimental video A Year at the Coal Loader was created during art residency at the historical industrial Coal Loader site in Sydney, Australia. It plays with the material features of the site in the Surrealist, dream-like manner.






A Year at the Coal Loader

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video with sound

Duration 3:42 min.

March 2017




The video Treespotting focuses on trees and people in the age of Anthropocene. It plays with the contrast between the still presence of the trees and the transient flow of people in selected urban locations of Sydney's North Shore. The trees that tenaciously cling to life in the city emerge as silent and dignified witnesses to the human condition. Although often ignored or just overlooked, they appear as a fixed axis to people's diverse daily lives. The practice of "treespotting" therefore provides short glimpses into these lives.







by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video

Duration 6:42 min.

August 2019



Selected, Group Exhibition Home Grown: The Tenacious Realm, The Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial 2019 

Incinerator Art Space, 4 - 29 September 2019







Part of Alma Studholme's solo exhibition

A Year at the Coal Loader 


The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

22 April - 13 May 2017






 A+B Studholme - A collaborative video platform: 

Alma Studholme  [multimedia artist] + Brett Studholme [video artist/photographer]




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