2020 Group Exhibition


23 September - 18 October 2020


Art Space on The Concourse

409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 2067

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alma studholme

Retracing explores the influence of the local area on artists connected to Willoughby City. Presented as a craft and design based exhibition, an accompanying digital exhibition traces the objects through their artistic sources, history and hidden creative processes. Each artwork is experienced through both the context of gallery presentation, and through the space or creative action that informs the artwork; within the landscape, the community or the artist studio. The relationship between the static display of objects and their other life in the hands of their creators reveal artistic traces embedded within the natural and urban landscape of the  area.

Tears of Things

2020 Group Exhibition

by Terhi Hakola, A+B Studholme 


2 - 20 December 2020


Incinerator Art Space

2 Small Street, Willoughby 2068

Tears of Things explores universal themes told through the personal stories of three Sydney based artists, who originate from different parts of the world. In their creative practice they are tuned to the "tears of things" as carriers of voices and touch of the loved ones across the world; across the realms of space and time.


Terhi Hakola has built an imaginary house in which elements and memories of childhood and of recent loss and destruction interweave with dream and myth. Human longing dissolves with the tears of the house; the boundaries between inside and outside, light and dark, become uncertain. It is a story of talking to the house and hearing it talk back.


Alma and Brett Studholme's work weaves a personal story of a mother-daughter connection that is physically broken. Through material things, invisible threads become re-established - the hands still hold; the touch still warm. The "tears of things" become ocean; the separating water turns into a mediator between worlds.