The experimental video A Year at the Coal Loader was created during art residency at the historical industrial Coal Loader site in Sydney, Australia. It plays with the material features of the site in the Surrealist, dreamlike manner.






A Year at the Coal Loader

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video with sound

Duration 3:42 min.

March 2017




The video Treespotting focuses on trees and people in the age of Anthropocene. It plays with the contrast between the still presence of the trees and the transient flow of people in selected urban locations of Sydney's North Shore. The trees that tenaciously cling to life in the city emerge as silent and dignified witnesses to the human condition. Although often ignored or just overlooked, they appear as a fixed axis to people's diverse daily lives. The practice of "treespotting" therefore provides short glimpses into these lives.







by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video

Duration 6:42 min.

August 2019



Selected, Group Exhibition Home Grown: The Tenacious Realm, The Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial 2019 

Incinerator Art Space, 4 - 29 September 2019







Part of Alma Studholme's solo exhibition

A Year at the Coal Loader 


The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

22 April - 13 May 2017






A+B Studholme

Collaborative Digital Media Platform


Alma Studholme

[multimedia artist]

Brett Studholme

[video artist/photographer]




Selected Exhibitions & Projects 


2023/2024 Recipients of North Sydney Creative Grant, Arts & Culture North Sydney, Australia

2023 Finalists, Burwood Art Prize, Burwood, Australia

2023 Selected, Artists in Residence, Bundanon Trust, Shoalhaven, Australia, Bundanon Website Link

2023 Screening of Pamela Leung's Red Line Story (videography by Brett Studholme, editing by Alma Studholme),

          Pamela Leung's Solo Exhibition Longing for Home II, Cloc Projects, Sheffield, UK

2022 Photographs by Brett Studholme in Article by Alma Studholme: Oceans in a tea cup

         Garland Magazine, Issue G26, Objecthood: Why we still need things, 1 March

2022 Filming (Brett Studholme) & Editing (Alma Studholme) of Pamela Leung's Film Red Line Story,

         Exhibition Parallel Wanderings 双行游, Chatswood Year of the Tiger Festival, Willoughby City Council,

         The Concourse Urban Screen + Art Space on The Concourse, Sydney, Australia

2022 Photographs by Brett Studholme in Article by Alma Studholme: Pamela Leung's Red Line Story

         Garland Magazine, Loop, 1 February

2021 Selected (Alma Studholme), Group Exhibition Contrasts, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2020 Joint Exhibition (with Terhi Hakola) Tears of Things, Incinerator Art Space, Sydney, Australia

2020 Invited, Group Exhibition Retracing, Art Space on The Concourse, Sydney, Australia

2020 Selected (Brett Studholme), Group Exhibition The Performer, Photography Rome Fest - WEFO20,

          Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2020 Selected, Onirica Film Festival, La Spezia, Italy

2020 Selected, Group Exhibition The Sensation of Home, FaB Festival, Bath, UK

2020 Selected, Group Exhibition BEAUTY/?, K.L.8 Exhibition Space, Brussels, Belgium

2020 Finalists, Artists of Mosman: 2088, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2019  Finalists, The Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial: The Tenacious Realm, Sydney, Australia

2017  A Year at the Coal Loader - Video & Photographs, part of A Studholme's solo exhibition A Year at the Coal Loader  

2016  Salt Mandala Performance Video, part of A Studholme's solo exhibition Accreation II: Ontological Transmutations




Three Waters: Tears, Tea, Sea

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video with sound

Duration: 15:32 min.

December 2019



Red Cube

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video with sound

Duration: 5:46 min.

April 2020



The sculpture Red Cube is the main element of this video project. Filmed against the Sydney cityscape, the cube stands as a surreal entity which appears to be both artificial and organic.


Materials: Perspex, silicone cast of animal caul fat (omentum majus), embedded red lights

Dimensions: H40 x W40 x D40 cm


The film is centred around water that permeates every aspect of human life: our environments, our cultural rituals and our biology. It documents a highly personal tea ceremony performed by a mother and daughter on the shorelines of two different seas - the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The Sea, viewed as both the physical and metaphysical ground of being, invites the notion of a mysterium tremendum et fascinans, being experienced at the same time as both beautiful and terrifying; as a calming connecting presence and as a force which divides. While facing the seas that separate them, mother and daughter are cradling ceramic cups cast from each other's hands. The cups, warmed by tea, evoke the warmth of each other's touch and the ritual becomes a way of both confronting and overcoming their physical distance; of establishing a spiritual and embodied connection. The film encompasses the exploration of fluid states of physical absence and presence within an intimate relationship, as well as the possibility of overcoming physical boundaries through an aestheticised personal ritual in art.





Salt Mandala Performance Video

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video

Duration 9:01 min.






Part of Alma Studholme's solo exhibition

Accreation II: Ontological Transmutations 


Verge Gallery, Sydney







Chasing Fibonacci

by A+B Studholme 



Single channel video with sound

Duration 5:14 min.

September 2020



The film presents a playful and dreamlike tracing of the Fibonacci sequence, which is observed in various spiral patterns, forms and movements in nature and in the authors' everyday life. Whilst superimposed video layers present these forms and movements, they also point to the layered states of mind behind the creative processes of art making. 

Salt Mandala Performance

No. 1 & No. 2

by Brett Studholme 



Photographs Selected for Group Exhibition The Performer

Photography Rome Fest - WEFO20, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

15-22 October 2020




The photographs record Alma Studholme's performance featured also in Salt Mandala Performance Video.

Filmed by Brett Studholme

Edited by Alma Studholme


Performance by Natalie Quan Yau Tso

Music by Adrian Leung






Self-Portrait as an Owl

by Alma Studholme 



Digital Collage Selected for Group Exhibition Contrasts

Millepiani, Rome, Italy

13 July - 10 August 2021




Red Line Story

by Pamela Leung 



Single channel video with sound

Duration 4:03 min.

January 2022



Film screening at the exhibition Parallel Wanderings 双行游, Chatswood Year of the Tiger Festival, Willoughby City Council

The Concourse Outdoor Area, Chatswood NSW, 27 January - 20 February 2022






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